Bahay sa Pilipinas

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bakasyon sa Pilipinas

Si Lanie magba bakasyon sa Pilipinas - ulit!

She is coming home again - and is arriving March 6. And she is excited because she will see na yung binili nya ditong two bedroom condo sa Pilipinas. Sa Mayfields.

She was here last September to see the actual unit - and now she is back again!!! Bakasyon ulit!
I am sure she will enjoy the resort like facilities of the Mayfields Condo in Pasig - huge kidney shaped swimming pool, two level Asian inspired clubhouse with function rooms, a badminton court and a basketball court. . .

Si Beth din.
She will have her vacation in the Philippines with her family on July, 2006. Titingin din sya ng real estate investment here.

Si Edwin naman, taga California din. Uuwi na sya this February. His children will study here kaya gusto nya ng house and lot in Metro Manila with at least 4 bedrooms na single detached home and budgets about P5M for it kasi gusto pa nyang magkaroon din dito ng negosyo sa Pilipinas.

Sino pa? Sino pa ang uuwI? Sino pa ang magbabakasyon?

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

4-Bedroom House in Global City, Metro Manila Philippines

........... andun na naman si Ms Lyn, with Andy - bringing a client to see Andrea - the 4 bedroom and 3 toilet and bath duplex home inMahogany. She has been there what - twice this week already? and this is the 3rd time - just this week alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grabe na to!!! Ang dami namang bahay sa Pilipinas na pinagbibili pero as of now - this is the most popular!!!

Si Maggie din ! Her client - Cesar Montano look-alike naman - wanted a single detached home for his family who will be moving here from Georgia U.S.A. They have been almost everywhere to check out the house and lot projects in Metro Manila - even up to Sta Rosa, Laguna, also Cavite. That's where he met Maggie, to check out the West Grove and the Pacific Woods in Imus Cavite. But he saw the sparkle in Maggie's eyes when she mentioned Mahogany - so takbo sila sa Mahogany . . . I had to cut short a meeting to assist her in the site. . .
He saw the Beatriz - a two storey single detached home - with 5 bedrooms ( 2 sa ground floor, masters bedroom plus 2 more rooms on the 2nd floor. There's a family hall that looks out to the living room, the master's bedroom has a terrace which sits on top of the carport while one of the children's rooms has its own balcony. Sa baba naman - the sala with its cathedral ceiling opens out into a trelissed patio while sa likod is the utility area with laundery sink that can serve as a dirty kitchen as well. ...... Orlando loved it.

....and he said to Maggie, " Okey let me see your house".

We went inside the Andrea model house ... into the living room which adjoins the dining area and the kitchen. He saw the utility area at the back with the laundry sink and the extra landscaped space. "Good for another room", he commented. He also checked out the bedroom beside the toilet and bath i the ground floor. "Nice", he said.

Then we went up to the second floor. He saw the children's rooms with their common toilet and bath, the masters bedroom with its own toilet and bath and --------- yeheyyyyyyyy - a terrace. "This is going to be my space when the missus is not in the mood", he joked.

But it's a big "Whoaaaa!!!!" when we got to the 3rd floor. Spacious family room that opens out to the roof deck - "This is where all our activities will be - a space for all of us to huddle together".

We stayed there for about 30 minutes - Orlando with that big smile on his face.

But he did not reserve. He had another appointment.

Next day at 5pm, I was surprised to receive another call from Maggie - "Orlando will be back with his Mom-in-law and they want to see it now but I am still in Cavite".

It was late but I said ok - and we got to the site at 6:30P.M. And Orlando was there with his Mom-on-law, sister-in-law and brother-on-law. We checked out the units - again - the clubhouse with its hge swimming pool and the fully operational covered basketball court. We got out of the site at 8:30P.M. They liked it - but still no reservations yet.

Next day was a Sunday and I was in church the whole morning. Maggie was in the house at 2P.M. and we were to meet Orlando again He was back with his lawyer and we finally chose a perfect spot for his Andrea house.

"Very nice!"

It really is! Maggie wants to live there. Tess P., too. Just like all the other clients who had a chance to visit the site. Now everyone's campaigning for it. Everyone's bringing their clients there. Even the very busy CEO of Praise Realty took time out to personally assist Michael Buble' look-alike in checking out the site.